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Our Vision of Architect’s Role in Society
Before we start talking about role of Architect in society, let talk about who is an Architect? By looking into situations in past till date I define architect to be a person who can design a space (closed/ open) that can host a function or group of functions. This definition can be changed a bit to better suit the time reference of human activity.

In early days any one with basic visualization power was able to fulfill the architectural requirements of society. As few days passes society needs demanded people with minimum visualization power and some experience in the work to plan or design the spaces for their needs. In present days society required skilled architects who are educated and trained to be in architectural profession. The increase in meeting the complexities of society’s desires is the sole reasons for change in the added requirements to call some as architect.

In early days when population is small and they are living with fewer and simple desires, everyone acted as architect of his own space. Effectively in those days as an architect’s role was just to, respond to the environment around him in a positive manner while satisfying his own needs. As stated previously along with the increase in population, role of architect and complexity in his duties have increased, which resulted in transforming architecture as a profession and technically one has to do some course work to call themselves as an architect and the same holds good for practicing in present days.

Let see what the role of architect in present days, this will tell us the difference in his role in society from olden days to present days. Defiantly the bottom line of an architect’s role in society is to respond with the surrounds environment in a positive manner while rendering his/clients needs. The trend in present days is that one who designs is different from the one who is getting it built to the one who is going to use. It’s a difficult job for him to satisfy the needs of all those people while keeping the effective environment of the place/ space intact. Even if one was success full in doing all the, it’s not certain that the space will cater to the expected function for a minimum of 30 years. For various reason it could host a completely different function, to the one it was planned for. So architect need to have proper idea of what could be the potential of the space in the near feature, and educate client about it. If required to modify the function of the space they are working or selecting another site for the function client is looking for he should be educated about it. For doing these things he should be aware of trends and needs of the society.

As a person with maximum knowledge about spatial planning and designing structures that become part of environment. These days many of the civilians are not having knowledge on why we need to value the natural environment and its special configurations. It’s the duty of architect to educate people about it; with some public lectures of writing etc. in this way when is educates the society his job will be easier when they approach him do getting any of their work done. Then another important role is that it’s his duty to train architects for future. He should educate and guide the young and upcoming architects about their role in society as an architect, and also should take part in teaching architecture students who are going to become the future generation architects.

With this discussion on the architect’s role in society during present days and olden days; it very well evident that how exactly architect’s role in society has modified with time and what are the reasons behind it.

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